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The motives behind this web site.

Its main concern is the promotion of a healthy way of eating which is environmentally sustainable and at the same time will give everyone good health. It also emphasizes that in the very near future, we will be unable to feed both the world and its intensively raised livestock. It is becoming increasing urgent that we take effective action now.

While supporting many of the ideals of the vegetarian community and those who promote animal welfare, this site is independent of these groups. 

So many of today's diets have an inbuilt western selfishness. They only consider one aspect: what is good for your own personal health without really considering the damage that such diets, healthy or otherwise, may be doing to the world's fragile ecosystems. This is a win-lose situation. A visit to any book store will demonstrate the almost complete absence of diet books that even mention the environment. This site aims to correct this deficiency. It will show you that there is an enjoyable way of eating that is win-win for you and the world.

It aims to expose the propaganda that hides the problems of  industrialized food that pervades our everyday life. So much of our current food supply chain is controlled by huge corporate agribusinesses, food processors and food marketers with shareholder profit being their first concern. Many of the decisions that are made are to increase profitability not to improve your health. These corporate machines with their captive advertisers want you to believe that all is well. It isn't. Remember that around $40 billion per year is spent on food advertising around the world and most of that is for high profit foods of poor nutritional value that are damaging to your health and to the world's ecology.

Note also that these large corporations want to keep you in the dark. If you can even name the world's largest agribusiness you are doing really well. The reason why this name is not on everyone's lips is that they would rather you not know it or about the nasty things they are doing to our fragile world.

None of this site is copyright and anyone is free to use it in any way so long as it promotes the ideals and spirit of the information contained in it. If you do copy it, please make sure you give the appropriate acknowledgement.